MindForMe SDG Goal 8 Decent Work & Ecenomic Growth

This is an important goal Mind For Me contributes to. We believe in empowerment. In giving people a real opportunity to improve their circumstances. When you’re struggling it feels like the World wants to kick you whilst you’re down. Late fees and penalties, inability to meet needs… it all stacks up against you.

In Australia we’re fortunate to have a good social welfare system. Not everywhere is so fortunate. Having such a welfare system does come at a cost. It is a survival net for many but also holds people to their situation. The incentives to improve, the benefit in employment can be marginal, especially when costs are significant for services such as childcare.

How does Mind For Me help achieve this goal?

As with achieving all the Global Goals, a multi-pronged approach is needed. To summarise some of the ways we contribute:

  • Empower people through feeling valued;
  • More available time for work;
  • Flexibility;
  • Reduced absenteeism; and
  • Increased resources.

Empowering People

When people are unemployed they feel down and of lower self-worth. Giving them a sense of being valued, knowing they are capable and worth something creates a more positive, supported mind-set. This can-do attitude helps to seek out greater opportunities, build more connections and become a part of something more.

More Available Time

An important aspect to this is, without the cost. Plenty of solutions are out there that can free time but can with a financial outlay. Establishing your support network on Mind For Me means you can free up extra time, take on more employment as your home and family get needed support from within your community.

This helps those receiving government allowances take steps towards employment. When costs of childcare are prohibitive for many, or take away any incentive to work there is a need for an alternative. Mind For Me provides this. People can now find time available to work without losing so much of their earnings.


Similar to making time available, the ability for flexible time helps with employment opportunities. A support network with Mind For Me allows last minute requests for a hand. Last minute work shifts and extra hours all become possible when you easily call on your network when needed.

Reduced Absenteeism

We have sick children, need to do the school run, or take time to look after a pet. Mind For Me helps employers manage staff absenteeism through providing alternative methods of managing all of these responsibilities. There are also times where business relies on staff and it’s a juggle. Whether it’s travel away or important meetings that must be attended, many of those personal reasons an employee struggles the balance can be addressed by others.

Increased Resources

From an economic view, unlocking resources increases growth. When more people can work, businesses have a greater employment pool to call on, production increases, more are paid, more is spent and everyone benefits. This increase leads to ongoing economic growth.

Sustainable Development Goals