Our Goal: Reduce Loneliness Next Christmas

24 December 2019
MindForMe Our Goal Reduce Loneliness Next Christmas

It’s been a hard slog the last couple of years. Personal sacrifices to fund and develop the Mind For Me platform to where it’s at now. That’s nothing compared to what many go through. This time of year makes it even harder with the feeling of loneliness as everything around reminds us of time being spent with family and friends. It’s hard for us when we work hard to create something to break that down and we’ve failed to deliver enough as yet.


We failed to deliver this Xmas

We’re always learning ways to break down barriers between people. Ways to form new connections and give people good reasons to engage and interact with each other. It does hurt us that we’ve not managed to move fast enough to deliver on our vision and make that happen.


We’ll achieve more next year

This year we have run a good pilot program. Over 150 families and feedback that we’ve learnt from. So we’re taking that to add in new functionality which breaks down the barriers in people helping each other more. Gives people easier ways to do more for each other. More reason to be involved. Greater opportunities to see more support happen.

It is exciting at the same time we’re disappointed we’ve not been able to achieve it already. We’re always connecting and talking to those that struggle in so many ways. We know what needs to be done and we’re working on it as fast and best we can with the limited resources available.


How will we reduce loneliness?

It may be hard for those that choose not to engage but there are many that want to but can’t see how. Those are the ones we want to start with and give them a chance to form connections and friendships.

Mind For Me is working on ways to open up more interaction between people in the community. To establish working bees such as work in a garden or shifting things around. To give people a way to accept offers of help or needing help brings people together. It’s not just about the task itself but the social aspect where people become involved in something positive and supportive. People looking for connection will have a new way to reach others and become involved, and find appreciation.


Your Support in Any Form Helps

We never ask for handouts and it’s not what the Mind For Me platform is about. It’s about empowerment. About giving people opportunity to have their problems and challenges addressed. About making use of resources around us all. Providing reason for people to help those in need without it being any form of charity but an exchange, earned.

What we’d like is to have more people join our platform. Join with some of your friends, your family and your neighbours. Or when you see our posts, our articles, like and share plus feel free to make any comments. Input and feedback is opportunity for us which means more for everyone.