Mind For Me - How It Works

Your trusted, local people helping you through Australia’s largest Neighbourhood Community

Imagine if all those odd jobs around the house could be dealt with quickly, by trusted people in your own backyard without having to pay money?

Well now you can. Mind for Me – Australia’s largest Neighbourhood Community, is a digital platform that connects you with people in your community who are available to lend a helping hand when you need them. Simply create your profile, book the service you need and enjoy peace of mind.

More importantly, everyone is paid with our unique Care Coins, a form of digital points which you use for helping hand when you need it!

You decide who sees your requests for a helping hand and can limit it to only your friends. That’s why we make it easy and rewarding for you to invite your friends to Mind For Me. You may also choose to extend your requests to the trusted friends of your friends for some tasks you need a hand with.

And when people do offer to help, you can review their profiles, check their ratings and reviews or even message, phone or meet them before you decide who you accept help from. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with and safe to do and the help you want.

You can also set who sees your photos, and personal information so it can be only friends or those you’ve accepted help from that access those details.

Create Your Profile

A free registration to join, you can include yourself, your family members, pets and even your elderly parents that may need help in the future. All your contact information is confidential because:

  • Names and Photos are blurred (unless a friend)
  • Only those connected as friends see your photos
  • Addresses are used only to identify your local neighbourhood community, people only see the suburb

You can also register yourself to assist others and build connections within your neighbourhood community!

MindForMe Create Profile
MindForMe Make a Booking

Request Help

When help is needed a quick request can be made in a few clicks. You select the type of help you need, when you need it and Care Coins are automatically calculated. You can:

  • Ask friends who are part of your online community or
  • Ask others connected in your neighbourhood community
  • Select where you need the help whether it is at your home or elsewhere
  • Provide extra information about the help you need

Once you’ve posted the Request for Help, sit back and see who responds!

Peace of Mind

You first receive responses within your community, so before you make the decision as to who you will accept, you can review their profiles and check out their ratings and references. Once you have made a decision, select who you want to help you!

MindForMe Peace of Mind
MindForMe Pay with Kind Coins

Pay with Care Coins

When the task is completed you will approve the payment and the agreed Care Coins will be transfered to their account. No need for difficult conversations about cash, no negotiations, and no worries!

Keeping You Safe!

You’re in control. Through every step of Mind For Me, we have made it simple and safe for you and your family. You decide who sees your requests for help, with the option of limiting it all only to your friends. You can choose to extend your circle to others in your neighbourhood community or even to trusted connections of your friends.

When people offer to help, you can review their profiles, check their ratings and reviews, message, phone or meet them before you decide who you accept help from. Over time you will build trusted relationships with people in your neighbourhood community who will be there to help you.