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With Mind For Me, you embark on a mutually beneficial journey where your team receives exceptional support, ensuring a win-win scenario.

How we can help

We utilise best-in-class technology

If you represent an organisation seeking to make a difference, we eagerly await your participation. By joining forces, not only can you contribute to the well-being of individuals in your team, but as a voluntary organisation, your dedicated volunteers can also earn Care Coins! Our deep connection with community organisations fills us with boundless excitement, as their invaluable support enables us to assist the very people within their community who need it most.

Easy to Use & Budget Friendly

Mind For Me presents an uncomplicated and budget-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes, revolutionizing the care and well-being of their employees while simultaneously boosting the value of the company.

Staff Challenges

In today's intricate landscape, employers encounter a multitude of challenges concerning their staff. Issues like loyalty, job security, and productivity demand astute attention.

Minimal Investment

The substantial investments required for staff onboarding and training, coupled with the complexities of retention, further complicate matters. Hence, it becomes crucial for companies to explore every possible advantage.

Address Uncharted Territories

By embracing Mind For Me, you gain the ability to address previously uncharted territories, where your influence can create a profoundly positive impact. These are the external factors that drive employees to depart, but more importantly, they are also the very reasons why they choose to stay.

CSR, ESG & Impact Reporting

Access data and reports on the impact of providing Mind For Me as the personal and family support platform for your staff. Better understand their challenges and be able to report on how you address these.

Social Inclusion & Welfare

Employee welfare takes place both inside and outside the workplace. Whilst there is limited involvement in personal lives, the reality is work and personal lives are intertwined. This allows a positive influence for employee personal lives, their social inclusion and welfare without employers becoming directly involved.

Monthly or Yearly partnerships

to fit your needs


$ 10
Monthly per Employee
  • Connect with Your Community
  • Safely and Easily Ask for Help
  • Community Helps You when You Need It
  • You Help your Community When You Can
  • Build Your Community Support!


$ 100
Yearly per Employee
  • Connect with Your Community
  • Safely and Easily Ask for Help
  • Community Helps You when You Need It
  • You Help your Community when You Can
  • Build Your Community Support
  • Subscribe Yearly and get 2 Months Free

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