Mind For Me - Safety

Why Is It Safe to Use

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Mind For Me™ is a community share-platform for connections and communication around helping each other. No money is paid, just Care Coins which you earn and spend with help.

All decisions and how you use it is your choice and in your power to control. You can choose to use this only amongst your trusted friends, or possibly their trusted friends too and expand your social network… It’s up to you!

When you have a minding request, you choose who sees it. If you only want friends to see a child minding request or if you also want friends of friends to look after your pet, feeding or walking, it’s just a click of the button!

Join our Community

You decide who sees your requests for a hand and can limit it to only your friends, that’s why we make it easy and rewarding for you to invite your friends to Mind For Me. You may also choose to extend your request to your friends’ trusted friends for some tasks you need a hand with.

And when people do offer to help, you can review their profiles, check their ratings and reviews or even message or meet them before you decide who you accept help from. It all depends on what you feel comfortable and safe to do and what you want help with.

You can also set who sees your photos, and personal information so it can be only friends or those you’ve accepted help from that access those details.

MindForMe Case Studies

Jane can’t always find time to do everything she needs around her  home and could do with some help getting her lawn mowed.

MindForMe Case Studies

Tom travels sometimes for work, leaving his cat Felix needing to be fed and looked after. He’s happy to ask friends as well as their trusted friends

MindForMe Case Studies

Jane’s neighbour, Tom, is happy to help when he’s already mowing his own lawn. Jane pays Tom with Care Coins, which he can use later.

MindForMe Case Studies

Mark and Lisa love cats, they are more than happy to look after Felix whilst Tom is away for work. Tom is also happy it’s saved him a lot of his hard earned money.

MindForMe Case Studies

Sally and George worry about Grandpa back in their home town, but they can’t be there as much as they’d like.

MindForMe Case Studies

Jane is more than happy to check on Grandpa and provide some company over a coffee. She’s also happy to help with going for groceries whilst she’s getting her own anyway.