SDGs: Goal 5 – Gender Equality

24 January 2020
MindForMe SDG Goal 5 Gender Equality

Equality is important for Mind For Me. Too often we see the focus of parenting and family responsibilities towards one gender. We know this isn’t the case. Many alternative websites around helping families with babysitting or meal preparation target women. Many family decisions may statistically be made by women, however, it isn’t always the case.


We also see home services set up that’s also gender-based, although capabilities are not restricted in this way. Women mow lawns and do handyman tasks. Men wash, iron and cook. We look to support help exchanged between people regardless of what’s needed or the gender of people.


Everyone’s welcome to give and receive all help.

With Mind For Me your needs and ability to help others is not dictated by your gender. Everyone’s entitled to be included and feel free to exchange any help they like. Our Kind Coin approach has no bearing on gender. Everyone earns and spends these ‘points’ in the same way.


We have a zero-tolerance towards anyone that tries to change this. Mind For Me has been developed to be fair to all, empower everyone to establish support networks and exchange help within these. Our platform’s terms take this into account and ensure equality for all.

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