SDGs: Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

19 December 2019
MindForMe SDGs Goal 2 - No Hunger

The end of all forms of hunger and malnutrition forms the second of the Sustainable Development Goals. Although there are regions suffering immensely from famine and hunger and Mind For Me aims to provide sustainable solutions globally, forms of malnutrition can be found worldwide.


We believe in empowering people, in providing them ways to improve their own situations and unlock the value they hold. In society people have all sorts of strengths and weaknesses, a surplus of some things and not enough of others. Mind For Me provides a different and fair way for this to be distributed among people.


Sustainable Empowerment


This form of sustainable empowerment means within a community those in need of a nutritious meal but can’t access it, which can be for a variety of reasons, have an opportunity to have it provided by others that can. It doesn’t rely on donations, on gifting or volunteering. This empowerment is sustainable because it provides those without a way to exchange it with their value or value from within their family unit.


For example, parents can provide their children with proper nutritious home-cooked meals from neighbours. They needn’t feel it’s a handout or any form of charity but can provide others with a different hand, possibly looking after kids or pets, or helping out in some other way. Mind For Me empowers and unlocks the ability for families to do away with hunger and malnutrition.

Sustainable Development Goals