Mind For Me’s Care Coins

18 March 2020
MindForMe Kind Coins

So many options out there involve you paying for a babysitter, pet sitter, for bits of help around your home and garden but Mind For Me has taken a different approach. If you’re wanting to spend money for a hand in your neighbourhood, there are dozens of platforms and apps to do that but Mind For Me isn’t one of them.

Let’s introduce the concept of Care Coins. These are a form of paying for a hand in those same areas but the benefit and value is in how they are earned and spent. We have these to keep it fair and ensure people have reasons and can get help for their own needs when they’re giving help to others.

There are currently three ways you earn Care Coins.

  • Joining Mind For Me, verifying your mobile number and starting a subscription (or being a part of the pilot program);
  • Inviting your friends, family and neighbours to Mind For Me; and
  • Helping others.

Joining Mind For Me

In the registration process we verify mobile numbers which forms a part of identity confirmation. Completing this will add 150 Care Coins for you. Once we confirm the pilot program, we’ll add another 450 Care Coins, giving you a head start with 600 to get started within your support network.


Inviting Others

Growing support networks is great for all of us. The more people invited to Mind For Me the better as we all benefit so we reward you with 60 Care Coins for each person introduced to the platform.

This also means in our economy there can be up to 660 Care Coins for each person, 600 when joining and 60 going to the person making the introduction. This ensures people have Care Coins from the start to request and exchange a helping hand.


Helping Others

The third and primary way Care Coins are earned is through helping others. This is also how they are of value and are spent with getting the help you need, when you need it.


How Do Care Coins Work?

Now you’ve joined and have some Care Coins, how do you use them? Mind For Me has a type of digital wallet and these allow you to ask others for help. You can ask just your friends, extend this to their trusted friends too or simply ask anyone.

When making a request for help Mind For Me will automatically calculate the Care Coins. These are based on time and physical effort, with a base of 60 Care Coins being an hour of help. We also add an incentive for more urgent help so if making a request for help in less than 24 hours there’s a 25-50% increase in the Care Coins.

There’s no negotiation as Mind For Me calculates the Care Coins for what help is needed, how much is needed and when it’s needed. This ensures it’s fair and as there’s no financial incentive for us in the transactions our focus is on the benefit for people using Mind For Me.

A Sample Community

MindForMe Sample Community

Jane needs her lawn mowed

MindForMe Sample Community

Tom travels, needing his cat fed

MindForMe Sample Community

Mark and Lisa need a date night

MindForMe Sample Community

Sally and George need some help for Grandpa

Here we can see some common issues many of us have experienced, or know others that have to deal with. It’s nothing too complex but addressing those needs often come at a cost that can’t always be afforded yet the resources to provide that help are all around us.


The community putting a support network to use on Mind For Me…

MindForMe Sample Community

Tom mows Jane’s lawn

MindForMe Sample Community

Mark and Lisa feed Tom’s cat

MindForMe Sample Community

Sally and George look after the kids and Mark and Lisa get that date night

MindForMe Sample Community

Jane helps Grandpa and gives Sally and George peace of mind

In this example of a community in action Care Coins are used to ensure everyone can request that helping hand. All needs are met and without any money spent!

The Rules Around Care Coins

We do have a few simple rules around Care Coins. They’re not to be bought, sold or exchanged in other ways. Mind For Me is a fair platform where everyone is equal. The Care Coin concept ensures this, and means help continues to be provided.