SDGs: Goal 1 – No Poverty

16 November 2019
MindForMe SDGs Goal 1 - No Poverty

No Poverty is the first of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the united Nations for 2030. This is to eradicate poverty in all it’s forms, as defined by each nation, although the goal looks at achieving at least a reduction of those living in poverty by half.


Acceptable social protection systems should be in place as appropriate for each nation, as well as access to economic and other resources. Many lack adequate food, clean drinking water and sanitation. Another aspect to achieving this goal is in building resilience for the poor and vulnerable.


At Mind For Me we start with our own policy of not taking any payments from those that can’t afford it. It is our goal to help people establish their support networks, unlocking the dormant resources surrounding them in a incentivised and sustainable manner.


Incentivise and Unlock Dormant Resources for Those in Need


Through empowering people in this way, more needs can be met without needing handouts. Different skills and support can be available for helping each other. Those without can now obtain more and also help others where they can. Needs vary and where one might need a good meal, another might need free time or a way to get to employment. Through opening up, establishing and connecting to support networks as a community these different needs can easily be exchanged.


Everyone can have a real opportunity to be better off, to improve their standard of living. Becoming resources available for each other, provide various ways of meeting more needs as a community, together more people can have better lives and take the steps out of poverty.

Sustainable Development Goals