MindForMe Partnership for Better Communities

Yesterday Mind For Me was invited to share a stall at the Logan Small Business Expo. This gives a great example of working with others to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in a real front-line way. Not just the sharing of an Expo stall but the actual partnership Mind For Me has been forming with Community Homes.


The 17th Sustainable Development Goal is “Partnerships for the Goals” and yesterday showed us how much more effective it is to partner and collaborate with others. It’s a hard enough task to take on these goals and although the U.N. focuses on the big picture globally, they recognise this needs to also happen at all levels.


Working towards these Global Goals is important for all of us as a community. Improving aspects of our Society benefits all of us as we improve standards of living and better cities through increased education, health and employment and reductions in crime, homelessness and inequality.


The crew at Community Homes share our values of developing more connected, engaged and supportive communities. Through their affordable housing options and integrated supportive community living Mind For Me adds value with a platform extending all of this from a Community Homes development into the wider neighbourhood.


The Expo in Logan was a great opportunity together. It greatly increased our social profile and purpose when talking to attendees. It was a wonderful buzz and we had many great conversations around the very real issues people are facing. For Mind For Me it adds to our challenge when the problems people face are quite diverse, and the value Mind For Me can bring is equally broad. It just depends on each individual situation but how do we communicate this effectively?


If you are a part of a community organisation, or maybe see an opportunity to work together with Mind For Me or Community Homes for the benefit of others then please do get in touch so we can discuss it further!