Community and Growing Support

26 May 2019
MindForMe Community and Growing Support

What is driving me with Mind For Me? Why build community?

We all different needs at different times and just a little hand helps. People are willing to help and I’ve been surrounded by it through lifesaving, through the NOW Business Network. A big part of the problem with this is people just don’t know others need help. They don’t know what help is needed. They don’t know when it is needed. And people just don’t ask for help. They just miss out and don’t get the support they need.


So far nothing has really been done to enable us to easily facilitate this help. No simple and comfortable way to be able to ask for that hand without feeling we’re pressuring or begging for favours. Even just asking for mowing, assembling furniture, moving things… just those things to make our lives easier.


Mind For Me is Live. Together we can now grow our community.

Take a look at Mind For Me. For 2 years we’ve been building this and now we’re just keen to see you get on it and put it to good use. Pilot program is now. No need to go into private details such as address, street is good to include but even just suburb to get started. Invite your friends and connect. Grow your support network. It’s then pretty simple to just make those little requests for a hand and grow a supportive engaged community.


Lastly, talk to us! We want the feedback. We want to know what we’re doing well and more importantly, what we aren’t so we can improve it for us all.