Trust Within Our Community

18 November 2019
MindForMe Trust Within our Community

Trust is something that doesn’t usually come easily although can be lost quickly. It is something quite valuable and we can be much better off for having it.


Trust comes in different forms, to varying extents. It’s not necessarily about trust itself or one’s character but can come down to experience and confidence in ability. We may trust a friend absolutely, although not with a child simply because they’ve not ever looked after one.


At Mind For Me we sometimes get asked “why would I leave my children with a stranger?”. It’s not something we suggest doing and are often saying “Your Friends, Your Family, Your Neighbours”.


There are ways trust can be naturally built.


Firstly, you can build trust with your neighbours and within the community is by getting to know each other, and through starting with small tasks to help each other. Unfortunately in our society people are trusting each other less. We don’t know each other as well as we used to. We can drive straight into our garages without saying hello. We have so much entertainment at our fingertips we’re actually ‘doing’ fewer things. We’re not out seeing neighbours, having street bbqs. It’s just so easy to not connect and engage with others although feel we are whilst staying inside and using social media.


There’s a lot we’re missing out on.


Mind For Me is one tool that let’s us ask our neighbours for those small favours. To mow a lawn, feed a cat, help in the garden or maybe moving some things around when an extra pair of hands is needed. This is a great way we can build trust in small steps, with things we’re comfortable doing.

Another way is when you have someone you trust there are others they may also have great trust in and although you’ve not built that trust yourself it is something that may be shared through the trust you do have. We recognised this as an opportunity for people to expand their support networks over time so Mind For Me has an option when requesting help to choose to ask Friends as well as Friends of Friends. You still review help that’s offered before deciding, so control is still in your hands.


So join us in building more trust again in our neighbourhoods. Let’s get to know each other a little more, help in those small ways and build trust so we can all be that much better off.