Communities… on the Soap Box

14 August 2019
MindForMe Communities on the Soap Box

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to speak on a “Soap Box” in the middle of Fortitude Valley, an excellent little idea from the Office of the Chief Entrepreneur (QLD). About 10 of us spoke and there are some awesome people helping address various causes and this was my planned address to the crowd that formed…

I see dormant resources everywhere, capacity for people to get more help already existing within our community!

Plenty of people are in need… especially those such as shift workers, FIFO workers, Defence families, single parents, elderly and disabled, refugees and migrants and of course those living pay cheque to pay cheque.

And people are becoming isolated. Lonely. Society seems to be telling us we must manage our own challenges, stand on our own feet and yet elderly are better living in their own homes for longer. And they are!

But why can’t we be more connected, more engaged within our community, with our neighbours? Why do people sit at home watching the Grand Final whilst an elderly neighbour down the street is doing the same but has been alone for days?

With Mind for Me, People can easily arrange childminding, pet sitting and help around the home or garden, or just that bit of company.

Unlike other platforms with financial cost for every single transaction, and they’re treated as transactions, Mind For Me uses Kind Coins, a points exchange approach.

Families no longer spend money they can’t really afford but can exchange help in a fair manner without the difficulty in asking for favours.

I want to be in, I want my children to grow up in… a more connected, engaged, caring and supportive community. Do you?

I just hope this connects with some people.  They consider Mind For Me as a platform for increasing connection and engagement in their community, as a way to establish support networks and growing these. And more importantly, to see people giving thought on the community they want to live in and bring their children up in.