Seeking Real and Courageous Community Leaders

8 June 2019
MindForMe Seeking Real Courageous Community Leaders

We’re seeking Real and Courageous Community Leaders.


After 2 years of development we’re sitting on a platform that really helps people. It let’s your community establish support networks within itself, empowering people with the easy exchange of help through friends, family and neighbours. As a community leader, your courage in working with us helps others simply get things done.


Why should you show some courage?

People around you may be going without and you don’t realize it. Often they’re too embarrassed, feel it’s uncomfortable to ask or think just can’t afford it. Mind For Me is a points exchange, kept fair and makes it easy to ask for a hand because the pressure and feeling of owing one is taken out of it.

As a Leader in your Community, we’d like to see some guts shown. Take the steps to help us roll out a platform to those you know, break down these barriers and create a more supportive and engaged community around you.

It doesn’t matter if you have a formal group or it’s just friends and neighbours around you. Maybe it’s your Church group, or a sports team, possibly a not-for-profit you’re involved with or a charity. There will be people around you going through different things at different times, so showing that courage will help them get this tool in place for when they really need it. We’ll work with you in bringing together support networks and building a stronger community.


Where’s the value?

There are people will to help. Even people actually really wanting to help others. How do they do that if they don’t know what help is needed and when? Just far too many of us go without. We spend more, do less all because these things come at a cost but they don’t have to. But help goes beyond just the needs. It helps us know our neighbours more. It builds connection and friendships.


Do you want a better community around you?

If so, just drop us a line and we’ll have a chat. Those in the corporate world will also have an awesome opportunity to work with us and are more than welcome to get in touch too.