How It Works

Easy and Safe Help Exchanged Between Friends and Neighbours

We all need a little help at times, and help can be at hand but usually our friends and neighbours just don't know when you need a hand or what with.

Mind For Me™ is a community support platform, where help is shared and exchanged with friends and neighbours. No money is paid, just Kind Coins which you earn and spend with help.

Why spend so much money on basic help when we have people around us and we can all be better off if we just help each other out a little more.


Family Profile

Your family has a profile on Mind For Me. Your profile includes spouses, children, pets or family members you might care for such as elderly. Your address, contact details and profile are safe and confidential because:

  • Names and Photos are hidden or blurred (unless a friend)
  • Contact information is confidential
  • Address needed only to identify your community

Need for Help

When help is needed a quick request can be made in a few clicks. You select the type of help you need, when you need it and Kind Coins are automatically calculated.

  • Ask only friends if you like
  • Select where you need a hand (home or elsewhere)
  • Add any extra info you like

Confirm Offers to Help

When your friends or neighbours offer to help, you can review their profiles and see ratings and references. You can then choose and confirm who'll be giving you a hand.

  • References and Reviews
  • The choice is always yours

No Money Paid, Just Kind Coins!

When the task is completed, Kind Coins are transferred from the person that was helped to the helper. Simple!

  • Easy and Fair
  • Automated for You
  • No Money Spent!

Getting Started

Why Is It Safe To Use

We want to hear what you think!

You decide who sees your requests for a hand and can limit it to only your friends, that’s why we make it easy and rewarding for you to invite your friends to Mind For Me™. You may also choose to extend your request to your friends’ trusted friends for some tasks you need a hand with.

And when people do offer to help, you can review their profiles, check their ratings and reviews or even message, phone or meet them before you decide who you accept help from. It all depends on what you feel comfortable and safe to do and what you want help with.

You can also set who sees your photos, and personal information so it can be only friends or those you’ve accepted help from that access those details.