Helping Others? Let’s Work Together!

16 September 2019
MindForMe Helping Others Let's Work Together

More than anything, the team at Mind For Me is driven by empowering those that are really in need, where establishing a support network makes a difference every single day. It’s this passion that’s had us look at how we can reach these people, and afford to do so.


So… we’re looking for Community Groups, Not-For-Profit Organisations and Charities that work to help those most vulnerable, struggling and facing more than their fair share of challenges. We want to collaborate, share your journey and help make Mind For Me available to help these people gain access to more help without the cost.


It’s a Win-Win when we can work with great organisations doing awesome work. We help with bring all the benefit of Mind For Me to the table whilst identifying those in need and a way to reach them to establish greater support. These collaborations generate greater value and benefit for those being helped.


Through corporate partners and sponsors, the work is funded and we can continue to develop Mind For Me and support the community. Knowing the organisations and causes that want our help allows us to approach those that are also interested in helping those causes and can provide that assistance along with receiving recognition of their support.


Want to Work Together?

Let us know you’re interested and support us in helping you. Just pop over to our Charities, Not-For-Profits and Community Groups page!

MindForMe Helping Others Let's Work Together