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Your Family Profile is important, as it both lets others know a little about you so they can understand and can better help you. It also let’s Mind For Me™ work best for you, letting you request help that’s relevant to you and your family.

The first section is your individual profile. Here you can say a bit about yourself and list some of your interests. And don’t worry, no one outside of your family can see your date of birth.

Date of Birth is not made public or shown to any others, including friends. 

Do feel free to write a little about yourself here too.

Profile photos are kept private, only visible to your friends on Mind For Me or others you choose to allow from your settings. 

You can zoom and crop your photos here, and change them later if you like.

Feel free to add as many details as you wish, they will only be shared with other community members when and if you decide it’s safe. 

They might come in handy if you’ll want to share your contact details with another community member from within the platform.

The same principle applies to sharing your location, only your approximate location will be visible in order to search and also to be easily found when for other members…

Your family may be made up of various members such as:


Feel free to add them all here