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You have control over your privacy and notifications and can set these to suit you.

Privacy is set for your entire family profile, as well as your own personal needs. Friends are able to see you and your family details, with some exceptions as outlined on the Family Profile Help Page. You can choose whether friends of your friends can see this information or if others might too.

Coming Soon – When you create a Minding Request, this can automatically be shared on Facebook to help find someone to help even faster. This doesn’t change any of the privacy and who you are asking for help.

Safe and Secure – Visible lets people clearly see your photos, your address as well as names but doesn’t show dates of birth, only ages of children and pets. Private shows blurred/pixelated photos and only initials, not full names and not the detail pages and also only shows suburb/city details.

Set your distance for the Dashboard and email alerts to suit you and how far you might be able to go to help others.

Coming Soon – Tasks you have confirmed can be added to your calendar, along with reminders so you won’t forget. When you have a Facebook friend join Mind For Me™ you shall also be notified so you can become friends here too!

You can choose the email alerts you receive, the type of tasks you want to know about and how often from friends, friends of friends or others that are in your local area. Select from an immediate email alert or daily/weekly summaries.