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Your family may be made up of various members such as:


Feel free to add them all here

Parent/Admin family members will have the same access to your family as you. 

Together you can request help, offer to help others and all the other things that can help your family and others. 

Once they log in, they’ll be able to update their own details as well as your family profile.


Children won’t have access but you need to include them so you can make childminding requests. 

Extra information can be added that will help others you may have mind your children, such as their interests to make the experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Safe and Secure – Names are only shown to people you allow in your settings. Dates of birth are never shown to anyone, only ages. Those extra details are also only shown based on your settings or to people you have chosen and confirmed to do childminding for you.

Of course for many of us our fur-babies are a part of the family. 

They won’t be given access but you can certainly add them to Mind For Me™ so you can get help with walking, feeding or minding them at those times you can’t always be there for them.


Many of us also have family members we care for and support, and sometimes need a hand with. They could be a parent or grandparent and sometimes live elsewhere so we can’t always manage to be there for them when they need it.

Add them here and you can use your Kind Coins to ask others to help out with things like getting groceries, cooking or cleaning, or maybe around the garden with something like mowing… or even just a bit of company for them.