Your Family Profile is important, as it both lets others know a little about you so they can understand and can better help you. It also let's Mind For Me™ work best for you, letting you request help that's relevant to you and your family.

The first section is your individual profile. Here you can say a bit about yourself and list some of your interests. And don't worry, no one outside of your family can see your date of birth.

The top section let's you navigate the detailed sections of your family profile. The photo here is used on your requests for help, and when you offer to help others so choose one you feel represents your family.

Safe and Secure - The photo is kept private, just shown to those you let see it in your settings else others can only see a blurred version of it!

Home Address is a must. Mind For Me™ uses this to show help requests and other activities that are in your area so don't forget to set this. Emergency Contact and Doctor can help if someone is helping and an emergency does arise.

Find Address

Search your address easily in the top bar or manually enter it in the fields below.

Safe and Secure - Full details of the above are not shown to others. You decide what information is provided and when.

This can let others know a little about your family. Maybe places you've lived before or activities you enjoy as a family.

This last section shows the actual members of your family. You family members can be:

  • Parents/Admin
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Supported

Supported family members are loved ones that might live elsewhere and need a bit of care and support from time to time. It could be a parent, grandparent or other elderly family member or possibly someone less abled.

Safe and Secure - Names and dates of birth for family members you add are kept private based on your settings. Only the first initial is shown for a name and only ages are ever shown, never the actual date of birth.