Searching, Viewing and Adding Friends

Receiving Friend Requests

Inviting Friends

Searching, Viewing and Adding Friends

Connecting with your friends let's you request help from just them, so the more connections you have with trusted friends, family and neighbours the larger the private group you can ask for help in a few clicks. Friends are found and listed under your family's profile.

Finding Family Profile

Your Family Profile can be found under your icon at the top, shown as your name in the drop-down list.

Searching for Friends

You can search for others using first or last names, and the list will show families, their location and photo (blurred if private) to help you find your friends. Choose a family and view to see more details.

Viewing Family Profile

Viewing another profile will let you see a bit more detail, and you can request a friend connection by clicking the Add Friend button at the top.

Receiving Friend Requests

Friends Request Notification

When you receive a friend request, a notification will appear and the top and you can click this and jump straight to viewing their profile.

Friend Requests Received

Under Friends in your profile you will also see any friend requests received, and can view a summary of these.

Friend Requests Received

When viewing a summary of Friend Requests, you can immediately accept or decline the request or click the family name to view the detailed family profile.

Accepting a Friend Request

Viewing profiles that have sent you a Friend Request will give you a choice of accepting or declining the request.

Inviting Friends

Inviting your family, friends and neighbours to Mind For Me™ is easy to do from throughout the platform. It helps you and them with:

  • Earning you extra Kind Coins for requesting help
  • Expands your network when requesting help from friends
  • A free period for them to see how they can benefit too
Inviting Friends

Inviting your Facebook friends is easy, a list pops up and you can type names and choose any and all friends you would like, and include a message for them too.

Another option is the invite people via email. Just type in email addresses and click invite to let them know about Mind For Me™.

The 3rd option is to get an invitation link, which you can include yourself in emails, newsletters, Facebook posts or anywhere else to let everyone know and invite all your friends!