23 May 2019
Social Enterprise, CSR and Purpose(w1200)

Social Enterprise, CSR and Purpose

31 August 2019

Partnerships for Better Communities

Yesterday Mind For Me was invited to share a stall at the Logan Small Business Expo. This gives a great example of working with others to […]
16 September 2019
Helping Others? Let's Work Together!

Helping Others? Let’s Work Together!

More than anything, the team at Mind For Me is driven by empowering those that are really in need, where establishing a support network makes a […]
29 January 2020
Impact Boom's Elevate+

We’re In! Impact Boom’s Elevate+ Accelerator

We’re extremely pleased and proud to announce Mind For Me has been accepted into Impact Boom’s Evelate+ Accelerator program. Impact Boom only works with a handful […]