14 August 2019
Community... on a Soap Box

Communities… on the Soap Box

I see dormant resources everywhere, capacity for people to get more help already existing within our community! Plenty of people are in need… especially those such […]
23 August 2019
Babysitting Benefits

Babysitting, why we go without and at what cost?

Last Sunday I went the a birthday party for 2 year olds. It was a wonderful family and friend gathering, everyone so helpful setting and packing […]
31 August 2019

Partnerships for Better Communities

Yesterday Mind For Me was invited to share a stall at the Logan Small Business Expo. This gives a great example of working with others to […]
16 September 2019
Helping Others? Let's Work Together!

Helping Others? Let’s Work Together!

More than anything, the team at Mind For Me is driven by empowering those that are really in need, where establishing a support network makes a […]