24 December 2019
Goal to Reduce Loneliness Next Christmas

Our Goal: Reduce Loneliness Next Christmas

It’s been a hard slog the last couple of years. Personal sacrifices to fund and develop the Mind For Me platform to where it’s at now. […]
19 December 2019
SDG2 Zero Hunger

SDGs: Goal 2 – No Hunger

The end of all forms of hunger and malnutrition forms the second of the Sustainable Development Goals. Although there are regions suffering immensely from famine and […]
16 November 2019
Sustainable Development Goal 1 - No Poverty

SDGs: Goal 1 – No Poverty

No Poverty is the first of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the united Nations for 2030. This is to eradicate poverty in all it’s forms, […]
8 November 2019
Trust Within Our Community

Trust Within Our Community

Trust is something that doesn’t usually come easily although can be lost quickly. It is something quite valuable and we can be much better off for […]