Community Family Day
27 May 2018

Visiting Northwest Plaza

Everton Park Shopping Centre

We had the pleasure of showing Mind For Me to the local community at Northwest Plaza in Everton Park, thanks to an invite from the Mocha Bella Cafe. This was our first opportunity to get in front of people unfamiliar with it all, have a chat about it and find out what people think.

There are some great people out there in the community, and definitely some characters too. It's funny having a stall and walking up to people. At first few think we're there to sell something but people ease a lot when we just want to talk with them about Mind For Me for a minute.

People are pleasant and appreciative when they realise it's about making things better for them. We only had positive feedback and a few told us it was absolutely needed. One lady was extremely supportive as her husband is in the Army and away at least 4 months of the year. This leaves her as a single-parent family and in need of more support with her young daughter and also around the home.

When we find people that love Mind For Me it really gives us purpose and is the reason we're doing it. We do want to hear more, find out what we can do better so we can continually work to improve everything for you.

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