We’re In! Impact Boom’s Elevate+ Accelerator

29 January 2020
MindForMe Impact Boom's Elevate and Accelerator

We’re extremely pleased and proud to announce Mind For Me has been accepted into Impact Boom’s Evelate+ Accelerator program for 2020.

Impact Boom only works with a handful of social enterprises each year, through a specially designed comprehensive 20 week program. This helps Mind For Me and others achieve positive social impact faster with sustainability and scalability.

What Does This Mean?

Although we always feel positive and excited by what we’re doing at Mind For Me, it’s still a difficult journey for us. We haven’t had any funding or much other support. We do work our best though to provide you with a platform that can make a real difference in your daily life.

Elevate+ adds strings to our bow and a level of support we’ve not previously had. It opens doors we’ve not yet looked it. It means access to a group of experienced mentors. It builds more connections and gives us more insight into our purpose and how we will achieve it. The exposure will certainly help, not only us but all of those using Mind For Me.

This translates into how it helps you, our members. There’s so much value we can bring to the community, to your friends, family and neighbours. Everyone needs a bit of a hand sometimes, and sometimes we do too. So Impact Boom’s boost will help us deliver more to you sooner.

Save The Date – Public Pitch Event

All of the social enterprises in the Elevate+ program shall be pitching at a public event, with the Brisbane Lord Mayor and investors. From 5 to 10pm on Wed 3 June 2020 at The Triffid you can see Mind For Me and others with great social purpose get up on stage and present. Get it in your diary, keep a look out and come say hi on the night!

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