MindForMe Values & Beliefs

Initially with reluctance to announce it publicly, Mind For Me never wants to take one cent, not a penny or a dime from anyone that can’t afford it. Although we need a subscription model to be viable, sustainable and maintain focus on the community at the very core of our values and beliefs are that helping each other is so important and crucial to a good, positive and supportive community. Everyone should be able to easily get assistance when they need it, to feel free to call on a support network for a hand and those that are struggling usually need the help the most.


Never taking from those that can’t afford it

There will be some awesome Corporate Partner packages available in the near future that will allow Mind For Me to ensure everyone can access the platform to manage help and their support networks. We’ve been building relationships with community organisations, not-for-profits, charities and government agencies to reach those that really are in need and be available to them.


Our values are at the very core of our organisation although we don’t want people to take advantage as we need to be sustainable and grow to help meet more needs. People have good hearts and we’ll do what we can to give as much value as possible to our members and those we can help.