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Volunteer Pilot Program

Helping us help everyone

We're seeking 500 volunteers to participate in our Community Support Pilot Program.

If you're community-minded, want to be involved in exchanging help with friends and neighbours, know 5 or more other people in your area that would also like to be a part of it then we want to know!

What is the Pilot Program?

We'll help you put Mind For Me to good use with your friends over the next 6 months. Use it just to ask each other for a hand when you needed it and give help when it's convenient.

Mind For Me has been created to make this easy and fair to exchange. We'd just like to hear any feedback so we can improve it for everyone.

To begin, you'll have a short information and introduction session. You'll see how easy it is to ask and offer help with your friends. It's safe to use and you'll no longer feel like you're asking or pressuring others for a favour.

Volunteer Community Support Pilot Program

Join the Pilot Program

Don't wait! Spaces are limited to 500 people for the 6 month free pilot program so let us know today. Be an early adopter and let's make this a reality together.

Help Needed

There are currently no public requests for help in your area.