Community Leadership Team

We're a small organisation with a dream of doing very big things. We're going to change communities around the world for the better. We'll see families out there getting a hand any time they need it. People having their homes in order, experience less pressure and being a part of more connected and engaged communities. Elderly getting more help, parents finding support, individuals feeling more a part of their neighbourhood and no longer isolated.

It's a huge challenge we're taking on, and we need all the help we can get.

So... we're looking for individuals with big hearts and a burning desire to see their community improve and experience more warmth with people in the neighbourhood.

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Want to be a Leader in Your Community?

Mind For Me is looking for like-minded people to join our journey and become a local community leader. We'll work with you, support and help you in establishing and growing a more engaged and supportive community in your neighbourhood.

Fill in the form below and we'll have a chat on how we can work together for the benefit of everyone.

Meet Our Community Leaders

David Ng

David Ng

Logan - North East, QLD
Bernadette Gilligan

Bernadette Gilligan

Logan - North West, QLD


We'll work with you to:

  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Be a Part of a Team that's Building Community
  • Gain Recognition as a Local Leader
  • Be an Early Adopter with Social Purpose
  • Get Active helping your friends, your family and your neighbours
  • Lots of Fun and Meet some Awesome People!

What's Involved?

As a volunteer in our Community Leadership Team we ask:

  • A few hours each month to discuss your community
  • Provide input and feedback around opportunities for growth
  • Help identify those in your community that can benefit
  • Tell us any great stories of people helping each other!