Mind For Me has very affordable membership options providing you and your family with:

  • Save money
  • Gain freedom and improve your lifestyle
  • Get the help you need, when you need it
  • Help other when it suits you
  • Choose your help from family, friends or others
  • All Features – Always
  • Safe, secure and reliable
  • 1 Month Free Trial


We're running a pilot program for the first 500 people so you can join that with your friends, provide us any feedback you can to help and have 6 months completely free. No credit card. No obligation. No catch.

Following your trial, when you can see all the value and benefit you get, membership to our service so low that it's from just $1.15 per week, around the price of a cup of coffee each month!

How good is that!

For now you don't even have to think about that. Be a part of our launch and get on board today to help yourself as well as your friends and neighbours.

2021 Helpers and Early Adopters

With our 2021 relaunch, for a limited time all new members get big discounts!

Around the price of a cup of coffee a month

Less than $1.15 a week!

Access For All - Mind For Me's Inclusive Policy

We never want to take a cent, not a penny nor a dime from anyone in need that can't afford it. Of course it costs a lot but on behalf of those less fortunate we'll have it covered through our Corporate Partners. Whether it's through government agencies, community organisations or charities, we'll make sure Mind For Me is always available to those that need a hand the most.

Why Would I Want To Pay

There are several reasons for the membership fee and why you would want to pay this.

  • Receive Ongoing Support from Mind For Me
  • Provides us funds to continue adding features and functionality for you
  • Allows us to reach out to those that really are in need and empower them
  • Helps us achieve even greater things for more people!