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To request help with tasks in the Garden, start with Request Minding from the menu.

From the pop-up, choose Garden to open the Request for Help in the Garden screen.

Your request for a hand in the garden can be made in a few simple clicks.

Firstly, choose the type of help you need and when you need it. This isn’t necessarily the amount of help you need, just the time you’d like it done within.

For help with mowing the request form opens and you just need to complete:

  • The amount of time you expect the mowing to take. The Kind Coins will automatically be calculated for you. If less than 24 hours notice is given an extra incentive will be added to help you find help more quickly.
  • If you have equipment needed, or if you need others to bring these. If using someone elses equipment there is a small additional Kind Coin cost.
  • If you would also like the edge trimming done, the area around paths, driveways or other edges of the lawn. The time required should also allow for this to be done if you need it.

If you need a bit of help to water the lawn or plants you need to complete:

  • The amount of time you expect it to take
  • If you have the equipment such as sprinkles, hoses or nozzles or if others need to provide those

If you need help having rubbish removed you just need to complete:

  • Estimated number of loads
  • The type of vehicle needed to remove the rubbish

All rubbish should be disposed of properly, in accordance with local law. If there are disposal costs, these should also be paid to the person helping, but only the amount of the actual cost of the disposal paid to garbage dumps etc.

You might need some other help too. Selecting this option lets you ask others for any help around the garden.

  • Describe the help you need so others know if they can do this
  • Enter the estimated amount of time you think is needed, the day/time you would like this day is at the top
  • Any tools or equipment needed, select if you have it or if others need to provide it

Kind Coins will automatically be calculated based on the time required plus a small amount if you need other people to provide tools or equipment.

If you have family members you help care for and support you can choose to have this help provided for them.

You have control of who you want to request the help from, select from your friends or their trusted friends too, or you can let anyone see your request and offer to help, although you still then can review and choose which offer you want to accept.

Lastly, if there’s any special message you would like to add to your request you can add that too before you send the request.

Safe and Secure

Whatever your Minding Request, if others haven’t been accepted as your friend and you have chosen Private settings, people can still see your requests but the photos and private details are kept that way.