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Be a Local Community Champion

How are Communities currently working?

People are often willing to help each other though they can only do this when they know a hand is needed. More often than not we don't want to ask others for favours, or feel we're putting them under pressure. So we usually just know what's needed by others in our community and when. Mind For Me delivers this in an easy and fair way.

Our Local Community Champions

We are so excited to be connected to our community organisations. Without their support we wouldn't be able to support the people in their community.

Bulimba Business
Carers Foundation Australia
Community Homes
Nana Gs
Special Needs Supermums
Are you a Community Organisation?

If you are an organisation that wants to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Not only can you help others in your community, but as a voluntary organisation, your volunteers can earn Care Coins!

Be Your Local Community Champion

We’re seeking local champions that want to see a better community, individuals and families helping each other more easily for better lives without the pressure.

If you can help us get 6 or more people together that know each other, are community-minded, want to give and receive help with their friends and neighbours, then please let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling to better lives in our community.