Mind For Me, How We Began

For years, I had seen first hand, friends struggle to ask for support, whether it was babysitting, mowing lawns or transportation to the shops. There was help around but they didn’t know how or where to ask.

When talking with others, I began to see a pattern emerging. People were needing help with small jobs around the house and not sure where to turn. I heard stories of pensioners who had family members attempt to assist where possible, but it was always highly disorganised.

I remember growing up in a community where you could lean across the fence or walk across the road, and your neighbour would happily assist you. Unfortunately, very few neighbourhoods are like this today and this is what my friends were experiencing.

I knew there had to be a better way. I started to research how we could access local, community support for help as well as offer our help, in a safe manner. The solution would have to be something everyone can trust and rely upon each and every day. Finally, I found an answer and Mind For Me was born.

Mind For Me - Your Digital Neighbourhood Community

Mind For Me is a digital platform - Your Digital Neighbourhood Community. It allows a request for help to be answered by others living in the same community.  Much like the traditional community boards where you post your offer or request for help, you we can now safely and easily ask for help in your local communities - online.  

Mind For Me allows you to put in a Request for Help, have Helpers introduce themselves to you and offer to complete the task. As the recipient of the help you can review 'Your Helper's' profile and choose who you feel safe and most comfortable with.   

The best part of Mind For Me is... No money changes hands.  Your Helper is paid in Care Coins - a unique points-based system - which are earned through the tasks completed.  The more tasks you complete, the more Care Coins you can use on tasks you may need completed.  In the Mind For Me community you are rewarded and incentivised for the volunteer services you provide.

Mission Statement

Strengthening and Improving relationships of ordinary people within communities.

We are passionate about community. We believe the cost of helping others is far less than the benefits received and the more people in for each other, supporting the saying, “What Goes Around, Comes Around”. 

Our digital platform allows this community transaction to take place, where neighbourhood communities can build strong and supportive social networks.


Meet Mind For Me Founder - David Toohey

Pay It Forward has been a motto of mine since I was a child.  I’ve always had a passion for community involvement and helping others, from working with several charities to being a Surf LifeSaver based on the Sunshine Coast. 

From the personal experience shared above, I am excited to bring Mind For Me to life.  Some of us are lucky to have good fortune and close networks nearby.  However, not all are as fortunate which is why Mind For Me provides the opportunity to get connected and promote community spirit. 

I am genuinely excited to see how we as a large community can ‘Pay It Forward’, strengthen  and improve neighbourhood relationships.  So please register and join me on the journey.