About Mind For Me

The Mind For Me Team is passionate about the community and improving lives for everyday people. We believe the cost of helping others is far less than the benefit received. The more people are prepared to offer help to others, the more the happier and easier life can be for us all.

Mission Statement

To provide individuals and families around the world with a fast, easy and affordable platform to find and exchange minding help. To build genuine interest and desire in providing help Mind For Me emphasises the “what goes around, comes around” principle. This approach will build social support networks and community involvement for the benefit of everyone.

We will be sustainable through giving you continually improving and growing value and benefit through the use of Mind For Me.

Our Vision

We see a Society with old-fashioned community values, where people know their neighbours and don't think twice with helping each other out. Our future world is one where everyone feels support is close by and no one is alone. We are an engaged and positive community that looks after one another.

Our Values

David Toohey, The Founder

I'm a Brisbane guy with a passion for community involvement and helping people. I’ve helped with several charities and am a surf life saver on the Sunshine Coast.

I feel fortunate and appreciate what I’ve been given in life. I strongly believe we’ll all be better off helping each other a little more when we can. Help can be available if only people realised and have the opportunity.

It saddens me to think so many of us struggle more than we need to and it just doesn't have to be like that.

Mind For Me, The Story

Back in 2007 I remember seeing friends around me saying no to things or not leaving the home. They were struggling with the usual daily challenges of life as many had young families. I knew they really didn’t have to go without so much. Help was all around us but no one wanted to ask for it and no one knew help was needed.

I knew an elderly lady with family all lending a hand but it was disorganised. I was helping her too and saw she had sometimes no one or other times there was more help than she needed. I wanted to make it easier for everyone to help each other, and without the cost all the time. We often have family, friends and neighbours or others that would be willing to help if they only knew, and it could be done fairly for everyone.

For years I considered the difficulties and challenges. I talked to people, and helped others when needed. It had to be affordable and also sustainable to really work for people long-term. The solution would have to be something everyone can trust and rely upon each and every day.

Mind For Me was born.

We Want You To Help Make Our World Better

How will we do this together?

  • By Helping Everyone Help Each Other
  • Promoting Spirit of Community Support
  • Giving People Incentives for Helping Each Other
  • Saving People Money on the “Easy Things”
  • Pay It Forward Coming Back Two-Fold
  • Make All Lives Easier
  • People and Families Needn’t Be Alone
  • Great Benefits with Inviting Friends
  • Welcoming All People from All Backgrounds
  • Treating All People Fairly and Equally

Some of us are lucky enough to have good fortune and great support networks close by. Not everyone has things so easy, and not only is help needed at times but just knowing there’s a community around willing to help can mean a lot to people or families that might feel alone or isolated. Mind For Me™ lets everyone access support, form new friendships and know others care.

Be a Part of The Mind For Me Movement!