Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I buy or sell Kind Coins?
Simply put no. Kind Coins can only be earned, mostly through helping others but you can do this when it suits you. There are also incentives where you can earn Kind Coins, such as inviting others to the platform as this helps you and others. There are plenty of Uber-like and Airtasker platforms out there for help where you can just pay. Mind For Me™ is about helping others so you can then get help you need, when you need it and without the cost.
2How are Kind Coins calculated?
KCs (Kind Coins) are automatically calculated based on the effort, time, notice and public/bank holidays. One (1) hour of childminding for one child is worth 60 KCs, if giving at least 1 days notice with your request. Shorter notice periods apply a 25-50% increase as an incentive to see you get the urgent help you need.
3What verifications are in place?
Currently we use mobile verification and are preparing other security and identity checks. During our Pilot Program we highly recommend using Mind For Me with the friends and neighbours you know, and extending this to friends they know and trust.
4What countries can Mind For Me™ be used in?
Mind For Me™ has been built for everyone, globally. Mobile/cell phone verifications, locations and addresses work for everywhere. We've prepared it for extra languages and will be working on adding more soon.
5Is Mind For Me Free or Freemium?
No. We don't want a small handful of people to pay for the use of others and even more importantly, we want to give everyone full access to as many features as possible and without any limitations. This is why we want to keep the subscriptions at a very low and affordable price, and have unrestricted trials available too.